Artist Spotlight

September 18, 2000

Together Jamie and Chris have been involved in christian music for most of their professional lives. In 1981 Chris joined the contemporary Christian band Bash-N-the Code where he continued until 1

September 15, 2000

It's a mystery to me how God guides our hearts and minds to make certain
decisions, but I believe he does.

January 4, 2000

The Georgia Mass Legacy Continues

January 3, 2000

An update on one of CCM's favorite bands.

January 1, 2000

Winter/Spring 2001 Offerings Tour slated to begin Feb. 16

October 28, 1999

I hate flying. So naturally, as I write, I am 32,000 feet above the ground.

January 31, 1999

Simple but profound faith in God, a life that reflects that, and music that celebrates it are the heart of Jeni Varnadeau's second and latest album, No Hesitation.